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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Review : The Secret Society of Leading Ladies (Online)

The Secret Society of Leading Ladies produced by The Barn Theatre breaks the barrier between the audience and the stage. You as a viewer can choose between three performers in each segment and build your very own show from the comfort of your own home. 

The show begins with your first choice of performer, the initial performer you pick loosely takes over the role of ‘hosting’ the concert. There are short conversations that happen between the 14-strong company that help to aid the concert along, but no matter what combination you choose these all brilliantly work based on your choice.

Every single company member delivered a strong and fresh performance. I believe each and every song was unique to each performer and there were subtle changes in the arrangements, all of which worked incredibly. Some stand out performances for me have to be Lauren Bryne’s performance from “Anastasia”, Kayleigh Mcknight’s and Allie Daniel’s performance from “Mean Girls” and Emma Kingston’s performance from “Bonnie & Clyde”. 

The overall standout for me was how raw this concert was, although it was delivered online it felt as though I was sat on the front row watching all of these performers in the flesh. The stripped back exposed brickwork and LED batons filling the space gave that studio feel and I felt as though I was there with the company. 

I think this is a beautiful way of allowing the audience to take control of a performance but also reminds us all of the passion we hold for theatre. Tickets are available to purchase for a single show, but I would definitely recommend the multi-show pass as this allows for multiple performances and you can try all of the different combinations.

From start to finish I was excited to see which performers would come up next and the song they would be bringing with them. Once the concert was over, I was so excited to start from the beginning and watch different performances. The Barn have proven just how adaptable we are as an industry. 

The Secret Society of Leading Ladies runs until 7th March and I couldn’t recommend it enough! Crack open the wine and enjoy a night of stellar performances! https://barntheatre.org.uk/secret-society-of-leading-ladies

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